Hi, I am Rebecca Kat!

Your new personal life coach.

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“I provide what you need, a Trilogy of Wellness; Oil, Lifestyle & Mindset.”

“Don’t worry, I got you!”

Living the Dream: Imagine living a life without any regrets, without thinking about the “what if’s”, free to choose to be and do anything you’ve ever wanted. I’ve met a ton of people in my short life and I’ve come to realize that most of us have the same type of obstacles to overcome that are all individually personalized for each and every one of us. However, the solution to all our problems is quite simple actually, the answer is LOVE. I have extensively researched and read about the human body, mind and soul. I’ve read books on spirituality such as Tao te Ching and lived through my fair share of experiences to know there’s something much bigger out there. Something that’s much greater than any of us as individuals but something that we are ALL a part of. I’ve come to some serious realizations and now lead a very joyful, fulfilling life and one that I’m very proud of. I am grateful for every moment and want to reach every single heart on this planet to show them that it’s possible to truly live a life where we are all free and happy. Can you honestly say the same and actually mean it from the heart?

About me

I had to learn early on that life goes on no matter where you go, what you do, life keeps going. With or without you, time keeps moving forward, never to return again. Don’t waste anymore of the precious time you have left on earth making mistakes. Learn to love because that is where all the answers lie. God is love and a piece of him is in each and every single one of us. Once we can truly accept that, we will all lead a truly happy life full of endless possibilities.

What I can do for you

Gain & Maintain healthy weight

Try to cut out fast food and junk food like soda, chips and candy. Sugar is the major cause of obesity. Create a nutrition plan for your body type, no two people are the same, everyone’s unique so embrace it. Add CBD oil as a supplement into your nightly routine. CBD has tons of benefits from mental to physical health.

Mental Peace

Experiencing and being are two different things. Experiences come and go like clouds in the sky. The sky however, is always there, like you. You are always here, you are the witness, the perceiver of something and that which perceives something cannot be that something. You are greater than anything that comes and goes.

Home training

Try opting for taking the stairs over the elevator when you can. It’s a great light cardio workout. Learn to breathe properly, from the diaphragm. Yoga and meditation should be a part of your daily routine, helps heal and connect the mind, body and soul.

Work/Life balance

Do not bring the drama from work back home with you. Your home should be your safe haven, your time to switch from professional and no nonsense to chilled back and relaxed. The stress you feel from work should not be reflected back on the people you care and love at home.

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