My Philosophy

I had to learn early on that life goes on no matter where you go, what you do, life keeps going. With or without you, time keeps moving forward, never to return again. Don’t waste anymore of the precious time you have left on earth making mistakes. Learn to love because that is where all the answers lie. God is love and a piece of him is in each and every single one of us. Once we can truly accept that, we will all lead a truly happy life full of endless possibilities.


From clients

I was looking for some direction in my personal life and thought it would be best to seek a coach. Several years ago I ended a relationship in which I was surprised to discover I’d fallen victim to the painful dynamics it held. Rebecca was able to help me learn and understand how I needed to break free from codependency. She showed me how a painful relationship dynamic fit an old pattern of programming from my past, and helped me along the road of my transformation. Rebecca has provided me with the tools and insights to help me make better choices in my daily and work life. She’s professional, passionate and most of all cares about her clients. It’s great to be able to talk to someone who was an outside party and there is absolutely no way I could have made these transformations without her help! This is something I am eternally grateful for.  I also recently started on the other service she provides. I now take the CBD oil by 7 Star CBD at night to help me sleep due to my anxiety and it has helped tremendously. It also helped with the pain in my joints after years of abuse from running and working out in the gym. I would highly recommend Rebecca Kat’s services to anyone who finds themselves at a crossroads in life or needs that extra push!


I made the switch to 7 Star CBD oil for my insomnia and anxiety from taking pills a year ago and I couldn’t have made a better choice . After going through several psychiatrists I almost gave up on continuing to find a solution and then I met Rebecca Kat. She is an amazing soul with an abundance of knowledge. She introduced me to 7 Star CBD oil and it has changed my life around. I’ve been using it religiously and I am now able to sleep better which has helped me with my anxiety and also her life training coach expertise is great, she gave me some great tools that have come in handy many times with helping me deal with my anxiety and other personal issues . I couldn’t recommend a better person to go to for help, she helps people find and create a purpose for their lives.


Rebecca Kat introduced me to 7 Star CBD, which in my personal opinion is the fountain of youth in a bottle. Personally, I don’t need to take it. I’m young, healthy and athletic. For me it’s more about prevention and maintenance, cancers and renal diseases run in my mother’s side of the family and cancers and Alzheimer’s disease on my father’s side of the family. However, I have seen first hand at the miracles this bottle brings, and numerous times I’ve been guilty of gifting bottles to the ones who mean the most to me. We take care of the ones we cherish. In today’s society everyone is looking for longevity of life. In the last century alone America’s population alone nearly doubled. With this drive to remain alive longer, a lot have turned to medicine and medical procedures. There’s a massive stigma attached to such a natural, God given plant, it’s such a shame. I don’t want to discredit a lot of the benefits that came with the industry, however it is entirely built and driven on a capitalistic structure. If you have more money, you can afford better health care, medicine, procedures etc. Not to mention the strategy the industry employs; where they fix one thing but cause disruption to another. We’ve all seen those commercials where they’re marketing a product, list one medical benefit and follow it up with a laundry list of side effects. Well we’ve finally reached a point where you don’t need to pay an arm and a leg for an improved and healthy wellbeing. This oil is an effective, multi-solution, miracle in a bottle. Not sure if I can say that but as a consumer I personally feel as though that’s what I’m taking. The best part about it; there are no side effects. Just a significant boost to your body’s internal defense system. I love it, and with consistency I’m certain you will too.


Thanks to Rebecca Kat I learned so much about what’s going on in the world around me and what I allow into my body. I learned the truth about CBD and how it can truly  enhance a person’s quality of life. Many critics who haven’t tried CBD often ask, how can it do what people say it can do? Based on how CBD non-invasively interacts with the nervous system, a simplified answer would be it relaxes the mind. People who live busy lives, or suffer from anxiety (or both) tend to have their minds running constantly whether they’re aware of it or not. CBD is a lot like meditation in which it helps open up more space in your mind to allow your thoughts, knowledge and imagination to breathe a little better. This comes from experience as I suffered from anxiety. The coming of the mind was the first thing I experienced when I started using CBD oil from 7 Star CBD. I started piecing together how having a relaxed mind literally changes everything in reality. Rebecca showed me that when you find peace within your inner world, your outer world will follow. Things that used to stress me out don’t anymore, and that’s because my mind is much more open and organized. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever felt that I can remember. Even things I love to do, like painting or drawing, I used to stress over because I’m a perfectionist and used to worry about the approval of other people on the art that I made for them. The stress showed in my work when I mean to only put love into it. The combination of Rebecca’s life coaching and the CBD oil changed all of this for me. All because the oil helps to relax my mind and Rebecca gives me the proper tools to use in my day to day life. Stress no longer affects me negatively! My life is now the most relaxed, happy and in-routine it’s ever been thanks to Rebecca Kat’s life coaching and 7 Star CBD.