If we define our reality by measuring the world with our senses, our environment, and what we have been taught, we believe that only what we perceive around us is real. The truth is that life on earth is a temporary illusion. In fact, everything in the physical world is transitory. The only true constant is love – the power that creates and expands. Love knows no judgment or criticism; love just is. It is the characteristics of love that draw people and situations to us. When we do something out of love, we create more love, but when we do something for the sake of money or fame, for instance, we may get those things, but our hearts and souls will be left empty. When we live with love, it affects us with positive characteristics such as joy, happiness, compassion, and laughter. Take a few minutes and review some of the decisions and choices you made in your life. Were they from a place of love or fear? If you are happy and fulfilled, you are living in a loving space. However, if you feel unfulfilled, anxious, or insecure, you have let fear run your life, and you are living in the illusion of truth. From this moment on, become mindful of the choices you make. If you make a choice and then worry about the outcome, you are coming from a place of fear, but if you do something that makes you happy, you are coming from love. With love, anything is possible.

With love, anything is possible.

Work/Life balance

Do not bring the drama from work back home with you. Your home should be your safe haven, your time to switch from professional and no nonsense to chilled back and relaxed. The stress you feel from work should not be reflected back on the people you care and love at home.

Mental Peace

Experiencing and being are two different things. Experiences come and go like clouds in the sky. The sky however, is always there, like you. You are always here, you are the witness, the perceiver of something, and that which perceives something cannot be that something. You are greater than anything that comes and goes.

Meditation in Nature…

The idea behind meditation is not necessarily that we force ourselves to have no distractions in our minds. Rather, we acknowledge the distractions and let them be what they are. Let’s say that you sit crosslegged on a mat and formally meditate. There is a constant chatter in your head about life, the family, what you are going to have for dinner, or outside disturbances like you hear cars passing by and people talking. Acknowledge in your mind that these distractions exist and then let them go. The less you judge them and the less power you give them, the more you will be able to move into a relaxed state of being. At first this can be somewhat daunting, because it means giving up control. For those with compulsive behavior, distracting thought patterns, or emotional depression, control seems like the only security, the only thing to hold onto. In truth, trying to control the distractions holds them to us. The more we let go, the more we soar. In order to expand and reach new heights, we must not tie ourselves to the ground, or that’s all we will see. With an ongoing meditation practice, we will begin to see the bigger picture, and our places in that bigger picture. It also gives us greater control over our lives. We also begin to recognize the core of our being – the true self.

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